From the Former President

George R. Harrison, Ph.D., President




When we started The Columbia Institute in 1992 our goal was to serve the appraisal community with education that was truly professional and worthy of support by providing courses that specifically contributed to professional development of the appraiser-in other words, not just approved, generic courses. In the beginning we had only four Faculty members and operated in only two states. Subsequently, we have grown to twenty faculty members and have operated in more than thirty states. In addition to providing educational offerings, Columbia has managed the development of state appraiser licensing and certification examinations and have addressed both governmental and association bodies throughout the U.S., Canada, Bulgaria and Russia.

Today, we continue to move forward, becoming an initial sponsor the National Association of Appraisers and the developing and producing the annual Appraisal Summit & Expo.

Columbia Institute was acquired by CoreLogic in September 2016. By this means, CoreLogic plans to leverage The Columbia Institute for developing the current and next generation of appraisers and creating a best in class panel of real estate professionals. We will be building new curriculum and education that transcends high-level theory and methodology and focuses on critical thinking, applying proper analysis, mitigating risk, building consistency amongst appraisers and modernizing the appraisal process. We believe this transformation is an opportunity unique to CoreLogic because of our proprietary industry insights, products and services.

Our unwavering commitment to appraiser professional development continues as we pursue a true, proud profession. We are most pleased with our progress to date, and appreciate your help to that end. Thank you for considering Columbia.

About The Columbia Institute

The Columbia Institute was founded in 1992 with a mission to provide quality appraisal continuing education at a reasonable cost. Subsequently, we have expanded our programs to provide real estate education as well, and to offer pre-license/qualifying courses through e-Campus. Consequently, our mission statement has been amended: to provide quality education and service at a reasonable cost.

By the term quality education for CE courses we mean courses that are directly helpful to practitioners in their daily practice by providing either insight into alternative methods of expanding their practice or information that can make them more productive in their current activities; for pre-license/qualifying courses we mean courses that will provide a firm foundation for successful career development.

A school is only as good as its faculty, and Columbia instructors each have had extensive experience in the fields they teach. They are well aware of the problems of the practicing professional appraiser. In addition, they have had experience and training in teaching their specific subjects, and understand the problems of the adult student. We subscribe to the slogan, "If the student failed to learn, the instructor failed to teach."

The excellent faculty is complemented by course materials which are designed for use both in the classroom during the class, and for future reference purposes. We strive to have informative and comprehensive materials, even for the shortest course. In addition, since the classes are conducted in comfortable hotel meeting rooms, we believe that we provide a very competitive and beneficial service. We think that you will agree based on your own experience by enrolling in one of these offerings today.

Columbia e-Campus was created in 2002 to provide real-time, 24-7 online courses for both pre-license/qualifying and CE in those states which accept such education. Columbia e-Campus has experienced thousands of registrations throughout the country since its beginning. It has two affiliates participating in its offerings: On-course Learning and Fastclass.

Columbia created its book store in 1999 to serve as a Resource Center, offering books and other media. Check to see the new titles we are adding, and if you don't see something you would like to have, give us a call.

Columbia strives to assure that classes are well received and that we do not "over-schedule." In the education field many schools will schedule a host of classes knowing that many will not draw sufficient attendance, but will take the enrollments, but then cancel several locations and try to pull everyone into one or two classes. We will not schedule a class unless we feel that it has every likelihood of "making." Even so, we have had to cancel classes from time to time. We make the decision one week ahead of the class to give enrollees the opportunity to find alternatives.

Since we do decide whether or not to cancel one week out, we encourage you to register early. We will not charge for cancellations or "no-shows," but will place a $20 surcharge on late registrations.