The Columbia Institute offers both live and on-line courses nationwide. Columbia is committed to providing relevant and timely education at a reasonable cost to real property appraisers.

Columbia Faculty members come from a variety of specialties and most are AQB Certified USPAP Instructors. You will benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Appraisal Continuing Education (live and online)
Columbia's continuing education courses bring you the latest updates and topics to keep you up-to-date with Appraisal industry's trends and laws. Additionally, ex-students receive the monthly eVIP Appraisal News to stay up to date.

Columbia is renowned for its classroom 28-Hour CE string offered in 3½ days by an experienced, Columbia instructor! These strings are held in various cities across the country. You get everything you want in continuing education-good, quick and inexpensive.

Appraisal Pre-license Courses (on-line)
Every successful career begins with a solid foundation. Your appraisal education is the cornerstone of a successful appraisal career. The Columbia Institute's e-Campus has provided quality appraiser qualifying and continuing education courses to hundreds of individuals throughout the country since 2001 . It is known for its commitment to providing students with service on a level not offered by other providers. Service is the key. This commitment, along with Columbia's special package pricing and success of our students, has made Columbia e-Campus a recognized leader in appraisal education.

Appraisal Exam Prep Course (live and on-line)
Get the confidence you need to pass any Appraisal Exam. These courses break down the percentages of question types for each type of examination: license, residential certification and general certification. It also includes is a special 62-page supplement full of important tips and things to remember (classroom only).

Need Another Transcript?

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