Want to know what your peers said about their Columbia experience?

Very knowledgeable instructor and helpful information in the every day life of a licensed trainee
A. Lee

The entire course and instructor were super! Discussed actual appraisals he completed, photos of subjects and even a video of a court case. Instructor is really great!!
D Beirerle

The instructor was outstanding. I walked away with a great understanding of the appraisal field. The four days of class were very informative. I would recommend the Columbia Institute to anyone. Great job!
C. Purvis

I have been appraising for over 30 year with numerous courses taken. This is the best instructor I have ever had.
J. Catignani

I have been appraising for over 27 years and this is the first time I have actually enjoyed and learned a great deal from courses. You have a great instructor and will continue to take courses under her.
P. Smith

Learned many new things that will be applicable to my everyday work. Very informative.
R. Simpson

Instructor was very articulate, knowledgeable and kept the class attention. Way above average!
D. Noles

Instructor went above and beyond standard teaching techniques. Very impressed.
K. Carlberg

Best Class I've taken.  Instructor voice and presentation excellent.  One of the few instructors I've had that has done an appraisal in 10 years.  This is a BIG PLUS! 
M. Sun