Several times a month we will receive a call from a concerned appraiser who registered with another school to take the required continuing education recertification courses and who has just been notified that the classes have been canceled.

In some cases the appraiser had been registered for several weeks and had no idea the classes might be canceled, and with late notification, the options now are limited.

Many times the appraiser is so desperate that he or she is willing to “go anywhere to get the hours this month.”

We try to help them as best we can, and have conducted one-on-one courses, but this is not always feasible.

It has, however, made us aware of the serious ramifications to appraisers when a class is canceled at the last minute, so we decided early on that we would not treat our students that way. 

As a result we developed a reputation for “never canceling a CE course. 

While this was essentially true at one time, we have had to amend the policy.  

As the school has grown, it can not afford to offer classes that clearly will lose large sums of money. 

We pledge, however, to respect our previous commitment, and will not cancel even marginal classes, but if we find it necessary to cancel, we will make every effort to provide you with alternatives, either with another school or on-line.

We encourage you to register early. As always, if you register but later cancel, there is no charge and any funds paid will be reimbursed. Further, we do not charge credit cards after the day of the class.

Our goal is to provide meaningful services at a reasonable cost, and by meaningful services, we mean that we are student-friendly. We appreciate your consideration.