1. Do you offer courses via the internet?
    Yes, we offer a wide variety of appraiser continuing education and pre-license courses through our e-Campus. You can get your ACE, take your 15-hour USPAP course, take the full 90-hour pre-license or simply take your exam prep course all online.
  1. How do I know if the course is approved in my state?
    We attempt to offer courses approved by appraisal boards in each state we advertise. In addition, other states (shown with an asterisk in the Course Approval Table advise that they will accept our courses. We also have course approval by real estate boards in several states.
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  2. What happens if my course is cancelled?
    Columbia Institute prides itself on not canceling classes. In some cases we have held classes for one student or we have flown the student to another location paying for his/her travel and lodging. This may not be possible in the future, for two reasons: first, recent changes in Appraisal Foundation mandates to state boards have had the result of limiting the flexibility of school faculties; and second, online courses offer viable options for continuing education. We will, however, continue our policy of recognizing the negative impact of canceling a class
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  3. What is the cost?
    Out mission statement is “to provide meaningful courses at a reasonable cost structure.” By meaningful, we mean courses that should be helpful in your practice or in possibly expanding your practice. By reasonable cost structure, we mean scheduling, timing and venues that are as student friendly as possible. Our 28-hour string of classroom courses is an example of such. We have taken our one-day courses from 7 hours to 8 hours, recognizing that one hour might be very significant for someone needing ACE. This permitted us then to slip in a four-hour course for those needing only a few hours. Tuition for our online courses is a nature of the course administrator—either RECampus or Computaught. These companies develop and administer the courses, while Columbia gets state approvals and issues transcripts.
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  4. Must I attend all sessions?
    To receive credit, students must be in attendance during the entire time scheduled. Time missed may be made up within one year at no charge to the student unless state rules dictate otherwise. Credit can not be awarded until all work is completed.
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  5. What happens if I cancel?
    If you cancel a classroom course, a full refund will be granted or it may be applied as credit to other courses. To receive a refund for an online course, you must be unable to access the course.
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  6. When will I receive my transcript?
    Transcripts are awarded at the end of each class for those registering and paying five business days before class.
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  7. What type of training material does the institute use?
    The Columbia Institute utilizes course materials which are designed for use both in the classroom during the class, and for future reference purposes. We strive to have informative and comprehensive materials, even for the shortest course. All classroom materials are provided at no extra charge.
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  8. Where are the classes held?
    Our classes are held in comfortable hotel meeting rooms in the cities listed .
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  9. Can I use MCE courses for appraiser renewal? Maybe, depends on the course and your state. You need to contact your state appraisal board and let them know the specific course and what credit you are requesting.