The Columbia Institute is committed to providing meaningful education programs at a reasonable cost structure.

When we use the term meaningful education, we mean courses that would be directly helpful to practitioners in their practice by providing either insight into alternative methods of expanding their practice or information that can make them more productive in their current activities. When we say reasonable cost structure we mean a reasonable and competitive overall cost considering location, times, materials and tuition.

Toward that end, we welcome your enrollment, either by mail, online, fax, e-mail, or a personal telephone call.

Of course, a school is only as good as its faculty, and Columbia instructors have each had extensive experience in the fields they teach and are well aware of the problems of the practicing appraiser. In addition, they have had experience and training in teaching their specific subjects, and understand the problems of the adult student. We subscribe to the slogan, “If the student failed to learn, the instructor failed to teach.”

The excellent faculty is complemented by course materials which are designed for use both in the classroom during the class, and for future reference purposes. We strive to have informative and comprehensive materials, even for the shortest course.

When it is also considered that the classes are conducted in comfortable hotel meeting rooms, we believe that we have a very competitive product, and hope that you will agree based on your own experience by enrolling in one of these offerings today.

In addition to the new on-line courses, we are expanding our book store. Check to see the new titles we are adding, and if you don’t see something you would like to have, give us a call.

When the Columbia Institute was founded it was given the goal of providing meaningful educational programs at a reasonable cost structure. We believe that our distance learning initiative meets this goal by providing many of our students, not only with reasonable fees but also by providing the best service in on-line appraisal education.

All of us at Columbia enjoy working with you and always enjoy hearing from you. Best wishes from all of us.