How Did Miss Columbia Lose Her Leg?

Belinda Miller/ October 1, 2022/ Event

Miss Columbia lost her leg due to an aggressive tumor in her peritoneum.

The tumor blocked blood flow to the leg, resulting in an amputation.

Before she underwent surgery, she promised her fans that she would eventually get a bionic prosthesis.

The model has since followed through on that promise.

Daniella Alvarez’s surgery caused ischemia

The former Miss Columbia lost her leg because the surgery caused ischemia, a condition in which blood flow is interrupted to an organ.

This condition left her foot and left leg immobile.

The former pageant contestant crowned Miss Columbia in 2011 and represented Colombia at Miss Universe 2012.

She now wears a prosthetic on her right leg. Despite the devastating consequences of this condition, she has stayed strong and determined to fight for her life and to continue being a positive role model.

Daniella Alvarez, a former Miss Columbia, had part of her left leg and foot amputated as a result of ischemia caused by abdominal surgery.

Alvarez has promised her fans that she will dance again despite the loss of her leg.

However, she has yet to fully recover and may need a year to fully recover.

During the surgery, doctors found a small mass near her aorta.

They then had to perform a follow-up aortic surgery, which was complicated by ischemia.

The result of this surgery was a loss of her left leg, which paralyzed her lower body.

Although she has not fully recovered yet, Alvarez says she is grateful to be alive and continues to update her fans on her social media sites.

The surgery was performed on Saturday, and the former Miss Columbia has not yet regained full use of her leg.

Daniella Alvarez is now in the stage of rehab, but will not be walking for days.

Daniella Alvarez promised fans she would get a bionic leg

The Colombian model lost her left leg below the knee and has been working to get a bionic leg.

She promised fans that she would get one after she underwent amputation surgery.

The surgeons opted for the amputation because the tumor was too aggressive and blocked blood flow to the limb.

The model has been sharing updates from her recovery on her Instagram page.

In one of the posts, Daniella revealed that her right leg didn’t have a full sensation. She said that it felt like it was asleep.

The model has a history of having one leg amputated, and it was reported that she had to have the other removed.

In the past, she has won a Miss Universe pageant and was the winner of Miss Columbia 2011.

She recently promised her fans that she would get a bionic leg.

Her brother, Ricky, helped her through the recovery process and accompanied her to dance and exercise.

Daniella Alvarez’s return to dancing after having her leg amputated

The former Miss Colombia is making a comeback from a serious injury to her leg.

The injury caused part of her left leg to be amputated, and she had to undergo a complex procedure to repair it.

After the operation, doctors discovered that a mass had wrapped around her main aorta artery.

This caused ischemia, which halted blood supply to her leg.

Alvarez underwent surgery last month to remove a lump on her abdomen, which blocked the blood flow to her left leg.

As a result, doctors had to amputate the lower part of her left leg.

She then posted a collage of photos taken after the surgery and is recovering at home.

Before she left the hospital, she sent a heartfelt message to her fans.

Despite the amputation of her leg, Daniella Alvarez is determined to get back to dancing. In a recent video, she teamed up with her brother Ricki to dance the merengue.

The two danced and swayed to the song “Besos de coral” by Elvis Crespo.

Throughout the video, Daniella wore a huge smile and twirled.

Daniella Alvarez’s return to dance after having her leg amputated is an inspiring story of courage, hope, and faith.

The Miss Universe winner has been surrounded by family and friends throughout her recovery.

Her fans have praised her for her spirit and her love.

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