How Far Is Aiken SC From Columbia SC?

Belinda Miller/ October 1, 2022/ Place

Aiken, South Carolina is located near Columbia, South Carolina, and is a relatively short drive away.

However, it can be a long trip if you stop often. If you want to skip the long drive and travel in a more comfortable way, consider hiring a private jet to take you there in the fastest possible time.

This distance is also known as the “great circle” distance or “as the crow flies”.


The distance between Aiken and Columbia is about 57 miles. However, there are some ways to get there faster.

For example, you could take a bus, which is usually reliable and inexpensive.

The bus ride from Aiken to Columbia takes around an hour. On average, a ticket costs around seventeen dollars.

The Southeastern Stages bus company operates this route.

The distance between Aiken and Columbia can also be measured by a driving distance calculator.

For example, the table below shows how far you need to drive from Aiken to Columbia.

This calculator uses gas prices of about $5.00 per gallon.

Also, you can estimate how much time you’ll need to drive by using the Google Maps service API.

In Aiken, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple outdoor activities.

The North Augusta Greeneway and Hitchcock Woods provide excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation.

You’ll also be close to Augusta National Golf Course, which is the site of the Master’s Golf Tournament.

Additionally, Aiken is home to a bustling downtown. Horses are also very popular in Aiken.

The Aiken County school district serves students in grades K-12. There are eight high schools in the county.

These include Aiken High, South Aiken High, and Midland Valley High.

There are also 11 middle schools and twenty elementary schools. Aiken Technical College also serves the community.

Cost of living

Aiken is a city located in Aiken County, South Carolina. It has a population of around thirty thousand people and has a low cost of living.

According to Livability, Aiken has the third lowest cost of living in the state of South Carolina.

The city ranks well in many categories, including housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation.

The cost of living in Aiken, SC is low and varies based on your income. The median income in Aiken, SC is $53,975 per year.

The average cost of living in Aiken is less than $11,000 per year for an adult.

A six-bedroom house in Aiken sold for $6.3 million in 2015, making it an affordable place to live for the middle class.

The cost of childcare can add thousands of dollars to your total yearly expenses.

The average cost of childcare for a family of two is $15,853.

Food is another everyday expense that can vary widely from one city to another.

In Aiken, the cost of food is $11,168 per month, which is significantly less than the national average.

Aiken, SC’s low cost of living is one of the advantages of living here.

It is less expensive to live here than other popular tourist destinations in the Carolinas.

For example, a $400,000 home in Aiken would cost $992 in property taxes, whereas a similar home in Charleston would cost $2,141.

In addition, Aiken’s inland location reduces the cost of insurance.

Time it takes to get there

If you’re thinking of visiting Aiken, you might be wondering how long it takes to get there from Columbia.

You can find the distance and driving time by searching the Internet.

You’ll find that the drive is around 57 minutes long. The average speed is 48 miles per hour.

You can also find hotel options in Columbia by searching the internet.

The main bus terminal in Columbia is known as Columbia Bus Terminal and it serves several bus lines.

It offers restrooms, vending machines, and indoor waiting rooms.

There’s also public transit service called the Comet that connects the terminal to the city’s airport and Amtrak Station.

The majority of buses that serve Aiken arrive at Aiken’s main bus station.

The time that it takes to get to Aiken, SC from Columbia, SC varies depending on gas prices and your preferred method of transportation.

For example, if you’re driving, you might want to check gas prices in Columbia first.

Alternatively, you could fly to Aiken, SC and save money.

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